Our mission is to solve prospecting challenges and give businesses a competitive edge that allows them to thrive globally.

First-hand understanding of Latin American business-culture and customer behavior

A team with cultural and language fluency in the entire Latin American Region

Precise and updated data of decision makers and C-level Executives

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Customized Data Solutions

Our database design service allows you to enhance the efficiency and precision of your marketing strategies.

We provide on-demand solutions tailored to our client's requirements, offering specific segmentation by industry, geographic area, corporate position, and any other required data. We also regularly update and validate data, ensuring accuracy and quality.

Our database solutions are both scalable and flexible. We customize data strategies according to each client's budget, maximizing cost-effectiveness.

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Corporate position segmentation connects your sales team with key decision-makers.

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Industry segmentation optimizes lead generation by maximizing conversion potential.

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Geographic segmentation enables personalized communication and accelerates brand recognition.

Data Analytics

At DataBase Marketing, we transform data into intelligent decisions.

We create personalized data structures from scratch, ensuring your databases are aligned with your business goals. Also, our database prospecting aligns with a “pay as you grow” model, ensuring scalable and cost-effective operations.

  • Single source of customer data
  • Future customer value segmentation
  • 360º customer profile
  • Continuous innovation in AI applied to marketing
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Transform addresses into actionable insights, mapping customer geolocalization for strategic targeting.

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Visualize data seamlessly with our Power BI dashboard development, unlocking actionable insights.

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Empower your team with specialized training in SAP and Power BI for enhanced data proficiency.